Everyday Classics

Silver LULU FOSSIL earrings
LULU silver bracelets
LULU silver ring pendant and earrings
Oval silver ring and gemstone studs
LULU and LULU FOSSIL silver pendants
Silver oval ring textured studs and LULU studs
LULU sterling silver pendant and studs

Simplicity and comfort without compromising on style is the focus of this group of everyday pieces, including the Lulu collection. All sterling silver, they are ideal for wearing at work, for the jewellery novice, or for a small gift, which can have hand-engraving, free of charge. The silver look is often enriched by oxidised silver  details or beautiful coloured gemstone beads. The combinations are endless. Fossil Lulu has breathed a new lease of life into the old classic, with its gently textured surface and its tactile imprint of plants, so delicate... 


From £20 for a pair of tiny silver stud earrings.