Jewellery Care

For general cleaning of sweat or grease soaking the jewellery in warm soapy water and rubbing with a soft brush is enough. It's always best to keep silver jewellery in airtight plastic bags or their boxes to avoid rapid tarnishing.




Please DO NOT USE A SILVER  CLOTH to clean textured silver jewellery as this will spoil the finish. Silver cloth can be used to shine up smooth, highly polished silver surfaces. 


Makeup or perfume will tarnish silver, and should be applied before wearing silver jewellery. Anything with sulphur can also tarnish silver. 


Constant handling of the jewellery will polish the matt surface. 


Snake chains, because of the way they are made, are likely to snap if pulled hard.


Please take your jewellery off in bed or in the shower to avoid any damage such as scratching of the jewellery or kinking of the chains. 


Tarnish is a product of chemical reaction and can only be removed with Silver Dip. Please make sure you neutralise the jewellery with a solution of water and bicarbonate of soda immediately after immersing in Silver Dip. Proceed with rinsing the piece in running water and pat drying. The polished surfaces can be brightened up with Silver Polishing Cloth.




Use a Gold Polishing Cloth for highly polished surfaces.9t yellow gold may become darker if in contact with some chemicals. 


Silver and Gold cleaning products are available for purchase at the gallery 


If in doubt please do call to confirm, we are happy to answer any questions.   01255-862355.